Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My Wesak Day


My last post was three years ago!
Now I'm back! Haha

Please put the blame on my husband! 😅
Today is Wesak day, its a public HOLIDAY!
But he's not around! Tuntutan kerja, he has to stay at site, monitoring work progress! I'm stuck at my parents' house. Online, watch Youtube the whole day sampai pening. Adoi.

But, its OK. He will come back tomorrow. Cant wait to see him, hug him tightly. I miss him so much, sorry i cant help myself! And this weekend, he's mine! 😍

Before I left my husband last Sunday, I said to him, "Takpe, nanti kita jumpa hari Jumaat. Rabu tak payah balik KL, nanti penat, takut Khamis kena pergi Site pulak." And nahh, Isnin dah siap-siap Whatsapp husband suruh balik this Wednesday. Selasa siap pack barang balik Semenyih right after office hour. But noo, he has to stay there as the site is working! So saddddd. Rindunyaa!

But ya, I should replace this public holiday with another day where my husband is around.

So, the conclusion is, my husband is the reason why I'm here, at blogspot. To express my feeling towards him - terlalu rindu (secara tiba-tiba). Hope all is well.

Drive safe, my baby husband. I love you. See you soon. 😘

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Siti Nurhayati Dollah said...

Punyalah lama tak update hahaha